OJPFreelancer Is Moving

OJPFreelancer is moving and I wanted to let all of my followers know about this new move.

While using this platform has served its purpose – anyone who follows me knows that I love a new challenge and so I have decided to upgrade my blog to a new, more diverse (and much more complex blog). It’s not more complex for anyone else, but it is for me in the aspect of design.

While it is not finished just yet, it is really close, so I am almost ready to close out this one and shift everything over to the new one.

With the new blog, you will notice the main page is a platform for my freelancing, but if you scroll to the bottom and click on “worth a read” there are categories there, which are my blog postings. They still need to be cleaned up a bit, and I will be making some changes to the layout, style, etc. but basically it’s ready to go.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from everyone at my new blog